Taïro – Changer

With this new single, a culturally and socially engaged song that questions individual responsibilities, Taïro wanted to put the spotlight on activists who fight on the daily along non-profit organizations. As an artist with firm convictions, Taïro symbolically chose Human Rights Day on December 10th to pay respect to organizations such as Amnesty International, Greenpeace, l’Auberge des Migrants and Doctors Without Borders. 

Far from the stereotypes associated with the musical genre, Taïro defends in his album Reggae Français a music with ideas we can relate to and words which resist. He addresses some burning issues and shows a will to carry Reggae way over the insider’s sphere.

With Changer, the artist advocates civil commitment and calls out to his listeners: Do we really want change? Up to what point dare we… question our own self? 

Through this album, Taïro hopes to reconcile media, public and a French Reggae we will have to count on.

The movement started and he was on France 2 (France main public TV channel) on December 7th, where he talked on the issue with perspective and pragmatism, determined to set the matter in motion.

Lastly, March 30th, 2017 will be the highlight of the Reggae Français Tour with a performance in Paris’ legendary venue, L’Olympia. There we can expect a more than convincing performance as he is known to deliver.

The French reggae scene is lively. It is committed. Taïro latest album is a proof. In this album, the artist calls for individual responsibilities in a world which has an habit of clothing