The Lambsbread releases ‘Warmonger’

With the expansion of global conflict and threats of war looming across the earth, the Lambsbread brings us a timely song of liberation and resistance. ‘Warmonger’ the latest single from the Lambsbread is their first official release of 2024 and is a scathing statement against the government’s of the earth in a hard modern roots reggae style. Produced by drummer/producer Samuel Rathje (prodbysamm) son of lead singers Kaya and Nadia, the tune is lyrically fierce calling out the corrupt world powers waging war and inciting conflict amongst the people. 

Released by Zojak Worldwide the song is available on all digital platforms now. Recorded in Hawaii, the song kicks off with a militant drum roll and takes us on a lyrical journey of truth and rights. When the hook comes in you feel the power in Empress Nadia’s voice as she belts out the central theme of the song “Woe unto dem, dem a Warmonger, only time will tell what comes hereafter, too many children die, oh how dem Mama cry, let the truth be thy shield, rest in Jah shelter”, each verse Kaya hits us with another dose of reality, with a powerful delivery. Peppered with punchy horn lines and rhythmic guitar patterns the song moves and weaves around the lyrics with a graceful synergy that is born out of the Lambsbread family’s musical bond. 

The song draws the listener into a deep listening experience and brings the vibration of some of the revolutionary reggae music that originally carried the music across the world.