Yung J.R Releases Video for ‘No Tomorrow’

Yung J.R – No Tomorrow [Official Video 2015]
Produced by JR records and BS Records
Video directed by Adoney Reid.

Rising Reggae star Yung JR, son of renowned Reggae singer Junior Reid, who gained recognition following the release of his first official single “Ragamuffin” has premiered the video for his single “No Tomorrow” on Reggaeville. Yung J.R has been familiar with music from an early age looking up to not only his father but other great artiste such as Hugh Mundel and Garnet Silk.

The video depicts the story of Yung J.R having the love of his life packing up and walking out because of insecurities which leaves him with a feeling of having “No More Tomorrow” without her in his life. Individuals can see Yung J.R waking up then sitting on his veranda where he spots his girlfriend passing by looking sad due to a previous argument they had. The video continues with him on a while goose chase for her where he ends up finding her and heads to the beach where the two make up. Backed my a mellow Lovers Rock Rhythm, Yung J.R expresses his emotions by going smooth, pitching and sustain his melodies in the minor scales.
The song was produced by JR records and BS Records and video directed by his brother Adoney Reid.

The single “No tomorrow” is the third single from his soon to be released EP “Start the movement”. When asked about the upcoming EP the artiste had this to say, “As the name suggest, “Start the Movement” is not just a musical project but also a movement of a new upright revolution that seeks to enlighten the people spiritually and physically, it is also a mixture of different genres and styles displaying my versatility.” The E.P will be the first for the upcoming artiste.