Youth Riddim

In the past five years much has taken place in the German reggae scene. And while some hypes come and go it seems that one thing has remained constant: the presence of European sounds and producers internationally.

There are without a doubt also a number of authentic artists who can compete on the international stage. It seems that what we once witnessed with the german “Too Long” Riddim six years ago, is unquestionably taken place once more today with the “Youth” Riddim.

The first sketch of the “Youth” Riddim was already recorded by the newcomer Foresta in 2006. However, it took three whole years until this first sketch was dug up again, newly interpreted and the first voicings were recorded by Foresta himself and SilenTone. As the first songs were being voiced by Longfingah, Black Dillinger and Speaker Davis, it became clear that the “Youth” Riddim was to become a special production, whereby artists are able to display their versatility and thereby record remarkable songs. In 2010 the well-known producer and artist Ganjaman joined Foresta in working on the selection, and it was at this point that the production work really began to accelerate. Ganjaman organised further songs, cleaned and polished the riddim mix and took care of both the mastering and the vocal mixes. And so it took a further whole year of work on the riddim, where new songs were recorded and the riddim’s profile became ever the more clearer. But the original sound – a rich sound wrapped into a modern roots blanket – was never lost along the way.

This mix of well-known artists and newcomers of the European reggae scene is proof of the great potential that exists here in Europe these days. Well-known artists such as Uwe Banton – who in fact recorded his first ever love song for this selection – Smiley or Vido Jelashe (for the German edition: Ganjaman, Benjie, Kimoe) are complemented on this selection by newcomers such as Jennifer Washington, Junior King, Bandulu, Fabio Battista, Cornadoor or Ephraim Juda.

These newcomers fit in perfectly with the more established artists and it is in fact the newcomers that have created some of the most surprising songs of the selection, therefore causing us to wonder why their names are still so widely unknown. Although there is not a single song by a Jamaican artist, the “Youth” Riddim is extremely well suited for parties or celebrations and the production work is of a very high standard. Just as was the case with the “Too Long” Riddim, the “Youth” Riddim has its own particular strong points. A very own sound and an artist selection that gives us a good overview of the current musical situation here in Europe – of course without claiming to be a complete overview.

Judging by the number of clicks on the acoustic jingles of each artists’ song viewable on our YouTube Channel, we from the Urban Tree Music were not the only ones waiting for this riddim.


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