International Reggae Day 2013

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For now many years, July 1st is the International Reggae Day, a special date to celebrate Reggae  everywhere in the world at the same time and during 24 hours. This year, the official celebration is a tribute to Peter Tosh and Sly & Robbie.

But what to do for International Reggae Day ? You’ll find here some ideas… and a gift …

As you know, the Rasta colours are considered as the Reggae colours as well, probably because of the strong existing link between the two entities. So for IRD, you can just proudly wear the Reggae colours : Red, Yellow, Green… Don’t omit the black that wraps everything.

Get your vinyls back from your attic and dust them so you can relax and listen to the charming snap they produce while playing.

Go to a Reggae Concert, dance, laugh and enjoy yourself !

Grab your guitar, your drum, your bass or any other instrument you want, meet your friends and jam the rebel music.

Plant a tree. Reggae is also the love and respect of Mother Nature, because we need to preserve her, and give Earth a chance to survive. Take a picture and Tweet / Post on Facebook / Pin it with these hashtags #Ireggaeday #IRD #WorldAReggae

Watch reggae movies like Marley, the definitive story or One Love or if you want to match a bit more with this year’s theme, you can watch Steppin Razor : Red X , the movie about Peter Tosh.

Watch and Post your favorite reggae videos from Youtube .

Be creative in your kitchen and cook the best Soul and Ital food you can. It tastes even better when you share it with the ones you love.

And because our passion is music, listen to your favorite reggae tunes …. Here, on Deezer, you’ll find our playlist !

Have a blessed Reggae Day !

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  1. Kesari July 1, 2013 at 11:49 AM · Reply

    Yes Rasta let there be peace in zims

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