Nineteen Hundred and eighty (1980) October 14, a child was born, vocally magical. Called by his mother Chistopher L. Earling. Born and raised in upper St. Andrew (west rural), Grew up with both parents Gloria and Elijah Earlinton, 3 sisters and 3 brothers and went to Oberlin High, with a musical background as his father and uncle had records in the early 70’s and his eldest brother has two gospel albums with a single entitled “Come tot he Light” which can be heard on love fm every Wednesday morning at 5:300 am. Well he found his love for music and singing at very tender age, As he said ‘I spoke to my mother about the gift and she told me that when the doctor gave me the first slap it sounded like singing more than crying’ He remembers singing as far as the age of 5 years, but has a friend who is about 5years older than he, told him that when he was 3 years through 5years they would have concerts at church and he would go up to sing with his neighbour and she would stop singing and begin to cry and he would try to calm her down until he begins to cry too.

Obviously he was brought up tin the church, At the age 4 to 7 he was in his basic school choir, He then join the choir at primary school, At 8 years old he won his first competition (in his community, 1988) where he got a prize and money, Spending only 5 years in primary school (passing common entrance) he was with the choir for that period of time, He did not wish to join his high school choir he stated ‘I felt solo, wanted to do my own thing now’ Now first year in high school he stopped singing and started to Dj because at that time it was hot, all about Bounty and Beenie, This made him one of the hottest guy in his class knowing he was the main act at form concerts having to perform last, Second year in high school teachers began to send for him because he had to start performing at lunch hour concerts and concerts that would be held at the end of the school term. At 4th form in high school he decided to Dj. There was something much cooler ‘Rap Music’.

I grew up listening to rap music and always liked it but at this time it was getting popular ion Jamaica, besides it had more girls coming. I could do it well’, 1996 and 5th form his final year in high school, some guys from his community and he decided to make a group, They called the group FREESTYLE PLAYAZ. Early 1997 finish school and ready to be fully focus on his career, As the rapper in the group at this time he wrote his first rap verse and then his first rap song, Rolling with the playaz doing stage shows and getting popular in most of St. Andrew they started go to dub studios and recording studios. 1998 he met a girl called Michelle who sang well so they did some work together as a duet, but still with the group, He became the lead in the group when they discovered he was multi-talented singing, rapping and Dj.

He and Michelle now working for some people doing Hotels, restaurants, clubs you name it. 1990 they entered Tastee Talent where they lost because the harmony wasnt right even though if it was a crowd decision they could not lose being it was an unusual rendition of Celine Dion and Luciano Povoroti and the crowd loved it. Now realize that there’s something new to his talent (Opera). So now it was more Michelle and he, that the group. He recorded his first song that year (solo) because he use to go to the studio on his own too, Which still never release. Michelle and he met a man at Tastee who did promotions and gave them some links. They began going to the extremes Night Club and from there to the Cactus Night Club where the club had an elimination talent search, they made it through elimination and went to the semi-finals and then to the finals, Where they were facing Vybz Cartel (at that time a trio) in their home town.

They got some money and a trophy (Heineken, Cactus Awards) and a contract to work at the club as a guess act and a recording contract with Earlton Clarke, (Emar Entertainment). But did not take the recording contract, He never comment on why. 2000 he was performing at a local fashion show where he perform solo and then with the group. After he was dome someone told him that Cutty RAniks (A veteran) call him, they spoke and he told Amique he could get some stuff done for him, so they exchanged numbers. He started going to the studio with Cutty and did demos and learnt alot about teh business because Cutty basically taught him the ways and means around the bizz. That year he went back in the Tastee Talent but still did not came out on Top but a bit further where experience is concern. he and the group went for CVM Star Search at Traxx that year too, which they made it to the semi-finals, did fairly well too. They did an Audition at the King Jammins Studio and past but they kept telling the group to call back, they lost the vibe. After traxx they met Mad Andru who was host. He started making some links for the group. 2001 they met Mr. Beres Hammond, who owns the Harmony House Selection Studio and started doing some woth with him, Amique stated ‘I have to say Beres have been more than a producer to us, he was a father, friend and a teacher’.

By now it became only two members of the five member group, (Amique and Champani) now a duo, The duo started to move alot more now going to Mr. Freddie Mcgreggors Big Ship Studio where they did a single with Canada’s Tanya Mullings (not Release). At the begining of 2002 they met a friend called Shawn who was working on a project. he decided to stop the project so he sent them to a friend who wanted only a singer and sent Amique to him. he liked Amique’s style and wanted to work with Amique. Amique told him to try working with the Dj becuase he has hot some skills, he took them both. The duo started working and by the end of 2002 they had an album call ‘PARTY FREAKS’ They tried two of the singles on now having the air waves and they are banging.

Now having a video on the air waves and doing alot of singles now with even major acts, they both do solo recordings and Callaboration with over Artiste. Amique and Champani are now doing major show and local show (Communities). The guys are greatful to have shared stage with Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Eamon, Keith Sweat, Timberland, Luciano, Tanto Metro and Devonte’ just to name a few. Amique’s favourite Artiste are Beenie, Bounty, Sizzla, Buju, Busta Rhymes and Tupac. Amique stated “My mentors are, I mean people that sit me down and teach me the bizz are Beres Hammond, Cutty Ranks, toots Hibbert, Grub Cooper, Jah B Bunny Wailer, which I hold as my treasure out of the bizz, my Grammy”. Amique hopes the future of music to be alot more General friendly and not just PG. Amique’s message to the trying youths “If this is what you really want , let no one tell you anything negative, keep trying, (please believe it)”. Amique’s future pans for him self and the bizz is to keep it positive.

Amique have since been doing a lot of work in the advertising era, he have worked with Grub Cooper on most of his latest commercial such are Tropical Rythme (local and international), Sherley Biscuit, (International), Cable and Wireless, U.C.C, CRazy Jim, Magnum, Bigga to name a few. Amique is and always in the studio working and is continuing to record lots of beautiful tracks for his wonderful fans.


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