Hailing from Brasil to Florida, AndyMan is on the forefront of this REVOLUTION. Roots Reggae is here to channel the musical vibration that rings true in the heart and soul of all the conscious Rebel Rockers, Late Night Revelers & Soul Seekers !

Music that penetrates deep in our soul, that brings a change and positive vibration to JAH people in this life time. I will do what my father has called me to do, which is to bring the Jah Love & Unity to JAH people through music. I have been Blessed by Jah to sing fluently in Portuguese and English, that I may reach di multitude . There is no time for rest, “THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO MAKE THIS WORLD WORST, ARE NOT TAKING A DAY OFF, HOW CAN I. LIGHT OF THE DARKNESS” JAH BLESS !

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