Angelo King

Angelo King Born on the 15th of august 1991 in  Holland as Angelo Alvaro King. Angelo King is a young talented Recording rap artist/Songwriter/ Ceo of D’newborn Entertainment he opened up his own record label in able to push his own music to a higher level and it worked out Nicely.

Started recording his first song at the age of 10, he was determined to be come a international superstar. After years of practising and writing songs he decided to make his hobby his profesion. in June 2009 He hooked up with music producers Flaco da great & Miles dalto out of new york city. to start Recording and working on several songs. In august 2009 Angelo king collaborate with The new kingston band, 3 Young talented reggea artist out of jamaica, after they recorded the song Angelo flew out to new york city to shoot the video for the song. after this experience Angelo king knew that succes coudnt be to far away.

As the track hit High rotation on the radio in holland angelo decided to shoot a video for his first single in aprill 2010 called Finally made  this track came in the top 40 list in Holland & gave angelo king the chance to do several shows, like being the opening act for R&B singer Trey songz. in this same month Angelo King Meet up with Big time producer Ryan leslie as they talked to work on some tracks together.

Angelo King kept on writing and recording tracks for his debut EP  Be Rich or beloved, while being in this process angelo king did the opening act for award winning regea artist gyptian in Nov 2010, after their first show they decided to record a song together this was going to be Angelo king his second single. Angelo king is working hard to be succesfull in the music industry and show the world that he is so much more then just your average rap artist, to stay updated on angelo King his Next moves Follow him on twitter @angeloKingg

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