Anthony Cruz

With his cute baby face, captivating eyes, sexy physique, soulful voice, classy attire, shy-guy demeanour, fun-loving attitude and slick stage act, Anthony Cruz is regarded as one of the most charismatic entertainers around. And boy, does he have the ladies weak! There’s no mistaking the mesmerising effect he has on the ladies. After nine years of holding his own in the music business, this talented singer is cruising his way to becoming one of Jamaica’s greatest singers.

BORN ROWAN SMITH on December 17, 1974, Anthony Cruz grew up in Mandeville, Manchester. Hailing from a talented musical family – being the nephew of the celebrated singer Garnett Silk, as well as having a mother and father who were excellent singers – Cruz was convinced from a young age that he was destined to be a great singer. After graduating from Holmwood Technical High School, Cruz migrated to the United States, spending a few years in New York before moving to Miami. In 1993, while residing in Miami, fate would lead him to meet producer Willie Lindo who was impressed with a demo tape he heard of the artiste. Lindo decided to take him under his wings, working with the young singer to hone his rich vocals. Under his management, Cruz’s career blossomed and the singer learnt the ropes of the entertainment business.

Convinced the world was ready for him, Lindo released Cruz’s debut single, ‘Tell Me What’s Up’ (an original), with several others to follow. It wasn’t long before Cruz became a hit in Miami with the number one tune, ‘Just Call My Name’. The single made him a household name, and as it made its way to the airwaves and charts in New York, England and other places, Cruz’s popularity spread. The singer’s debut album followed. Produced by Willie Lindo and titled ‘Where There Is Love’, the album featured the title track as well as the big hits ‘When You Get Lonely’ and ‘Love Will Never Die’, among others. The quiet, soft-spoken singer continued recording several tracks for Lindo, as well as making his name as a smooth performer on stage shows and club events in Miami, New York, Bahamas, among other parts of the world, working with some of Jamaica’s top acts.

In 1999, Cruz decided to return to Jamaica to claim his piece of the pie in the land of his birth and the home of Reggae music. The first song he recorded back home became a hit. Recorded on the Chemist label, the song was titled ‘Maria Maria’ (a cover of the Santana/Product G&B big hit).
The lovers’ rock singer went on to record for other producers, releasing tunes like the popular ‘Them Boy Deh Nuh Really Know We’ for CJ Records, with an accompanying music video; and ‘You Remind Me’ for John John.

Always sticking to his themes of love, culture and reality lyrics, Cruz’s more recent releases include the popular, big hit ‘You Got It Bad’ for Mixing Finger, ‘Closer I Get To You’, ‘Single Once Again’, ‘In The Club’ (a combination with Louie Culture), ‘Crazy Over You’, ‘Love Has Taken Over Me’, ‘Turn It Up’, ‘I Pray’, ‘A Man’s Weakness’, among others. Cruz has also been working the stage show circuit, showcasing his unique style and soulful voice on several big gigs the likes of Sting, Rebel Salute, Stone Love’s annual anniversary dance, not to mention several school fetes where the girls swarm him like bees to honey as he charms his way into their hearts.

Continuing on the path to take his career to the ultimate level, Anthony Cruz signed a management, booking and recording contract with Fifth Element Records in the summer of 2000. After five successful years he departed in September 2005 and has now branched out on his own with the new recording label, Shanshan Music. His new album “Mama Blessing” is scheduled to be launched in December 2005 and given the popularity of some of the tracks, even though they have not been offically released, this is one of the most eargerly anticipated reggae albums in a long time.

Striving to be the most famous singer ever, Cruz is now focusing heavily on recording mainly original tracks of lyrics he has written. Considering that he is so engrossed in music that he sings morning, noon and night…even in his sleep…the world can expect great things from this talented singer and songwriter.

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