Apple Gabriel

International Reggae Superstar and former lead singer, creator, and songwriter for Israel Vibration is more than just an artist.; he has been the revolutionary leader of a generation fighting for world change, peace, and social justice. His career is as versatile as the bionic roots harmonies he fashioned over four decades ago and the passion he puts into every single performance is unwavering.

His music has truly stood the test of time and shows no signs of slowing down. Apple Gabriel has been a hero to both new and old generations of artists and musicians.

A person who embodies the meanings of strength and determination, he has managed to overcome adversity, illness, and poverty to mark his place in history as one of the greatest musical geniuses hailing from Jamaica. Gabriel’s socially conscious, devotional, and inspirational tunes have proven to be more than relevant to listeners of all ages for many years. This creative mastermind is currently working on a brand new album that is guaranteed to bring back the soulful reggae sounds and roots harmonies the world has been missing!

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