Biography Miguel Wealthy

Miguel Wealthy aka Miguel Page born in Spanish Town, Jamaica is an upcoming Dancehall-Reggae artiste, reputed to be the lyrical ‘Thesaurus’ due to his savage style, his ability to drop quick-witted lyrics and his prolific song writing skills. As founder and producer of Whorld Konnection Production he is one of Jamaica´s rising entrepreneurs.

As youngster Miguel Wealthy attended Vere Technical High School balancing school work and his love for music while he was admitted to run amongst Olympic gold medalist Veronica Campbell Brown and Aileen Bailey which sharpened his ambitions and will to work hard for his success.

Miguel grew up in Clarendon, Jamaica with his parents and his siblings. His father put him to manage his transportation company at the young age of 17. It was from humble beginnings that Miguel learned that the value of living a fulfilled life is not measured by monetary possessions alone, but by the importance of personal development and the ability to do good. His mother a strong Christian woman installed a mindset of integrity in him and emphasized the importance of education, dedication and hard work. This strong foundation always influenced his art and life.

Brought into famous Bob Marley studio “Tuff Gong” by producer Rohan Dwyer at the age of 17, Page managed to voice his very first tune “Get Money Nuff”. In 2005 Miguel Wealthy by that time known as Excellence released his first single “Love Mi wen Mi Dirty”, produced by Platinum Records in Guyana. Followed by a collaboration with Sizzla “Lock off the Dance”. These singles led him to tour within the Caribbean and the U.S.

Fueled by purpose and passion music became a constant in Miguel´s life. His experiences administered powerful life lessons which are reflected in his type of music, influenced by classic Dancehall riddims and the richness of humanity. Music for Miguel Wealthy is a dialogue. In fact, he possesses the skill to record tracks as they come to mind. His ability to capture the human experiences through catchy beats and spoken truth are effortless and outstanding.

Miguel Wealthy previously known as Excellence, was again forced to change his name to FEUD due to the fact that another artiste was using the same name at that time. However, this artist was a female from Montego Bay. To prevent a mistake in identity and with advise from his management team Excellence was now known as FEUD (Fight Everyday Under Distress). A short stay in the United States in 2010 didn´t bring the success he anticipated, so he took his career in his own hands and decided to produce his own music and manage himself. Forward to 2013 he decided to make a fresh start and change his name with the help of his mentor Rohan Dwyer to Miguel Wealthy.

After releasing several Mixtapes Miguel Wealthyis now in the process of releasing his debut album “New Levels to Society” and is therefore in negotiations with Big Dreams Production about to sign his first record deal . 2018 is looking bright for Miguel Wealthywhile his new song “Safe Sex” is creating waves on the international music scene.

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