C-Sharp band

C-Sharp is an exceptional band, comprising of five men from strong African ancestry. Individually and as a band, they have impacted people’s lives wherever they go. The songs and lyrics originally written by C-Sharp are definitely ones that appeal to all. The unique nature of such certainly reflects the originators of the same. As the name co-notates, C-Sharp is on its way to globalization with their music. Thier music, like a piercing force, cuts through the barriers of culture and ethnicity; traveling over land and sea to the farthest parts of the earth, leaving no corner untouched.

It compells one to yield to its influence, purity and strength, thus accomplishing their goal identified in their motto, “Bringing people together through music”. It is guaranteed that you will have an experience that will be almost uncomprehendable; let alone explainable. You are invited to build a relationship with the band and their music. For those who have had a personal experience with C-Sharp, you may have an idea as to what to expect. However, for those who have not, welcome to the world of C-Sharp. Fasten your safety belts as we travel through the musical halls, giving you a taste of what is and a preview of what is to come…

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