Chase Cross

Dancehalls’ newest narrator, Chase Cross next from the Gully. Sameer Coombs (born November 2, 1984) to mother Sonia Mais and Father Leroy Coombs. Born in Kingston Jamaica. Sameer grew up primaryly in Rema Jungle one of Jamaicas roughest garrison strong holds.

Chase Cross grew up in a single parent home with his mother being the bread winner whos occupation was a higgler, Chase underwent some tough times before he was a teen. Without a man in the house, he became a self supportive youth, in the summer he took on the same job as his mother, so this we would say is his first job.

In 2004, his family moved to Cassava Piece although he had frequently visited because that was where his grandmother lived. The move was official, he linked up with his cousin David Brooks aka Mavado who was making strides in the dancehall, Mavado’s big break came and and Chase became Mavado’s supporting singer. Everything was falling into place.

Chase is a man of the streets, intimately familiar with its codes and its voilence in july 2007 there was a altercation on Mannings Hill Road, not far from his home in Cassava Piece where Chase was shot, execution style, by one of the assailant, while fighting for his life, the Police arrested him and he was thrown in jail for a montha couple of days which seemed like a life time for Chase, he was later released because of lack of evidence. He made a full recovery, but following in march of 2008, Chase was back in the news again while at a concert with Mavado a Riot broke out which Chase was caught in the middle of and got stabbed a wound that nearly paralyzed him.

Chase made a miraculously recovery from his injuries, he is a fighter and was not going to let this hinder him. After spending months in the hospital having these near death experiences he decided to act on his love, his goal of becoming a Singer/DJ.

Chase Cross is now a member of the young but very talented group Gully Squad. A unique blend of individuals that internationally acclaimed Mavado has put together. Since Chase is not a Newbie to the Dancehall Industry, the transition was not hard for him to make, with his influences being Bounty Killer, his cousin Mavado, Sizzla, DMX and Tupac. He took elements from them and formulized them into his own persona. He takes everyday happenings and life experiences and retells them into his music. He has recorded four songs to date, ‘Better Dayz’, ‘Many of Times’, ‘Sleepy Hallow’and ‘Blue Leaf’ they are getting major plays in the Dancehall. Chase has a unique sound and flow and if you are looking for him you will find Chase Cross in the studio searching for better dayz…

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