Chuck Fender

With a career spanning over 10 years that has catapulted him into a world renowned artiste, DJ Chuck Fenda is now taking his career to a higher level establishing his own recording, management and booking label to deal with his own affairs as well as exposing new talent to the world.

Chuck Fenda has indeed matured, balancing management duties and his career quiet well. He has had outstanding performances on recent stage events like Sting, Orginal Jam Jam, Rebel Salute as well as countless major events in the United States , Europe, Japan and across the Caribbean .

Chuck Fenda was born Leshorn Whitehead on June 15, in Brooklyn New York . He always had a special love for music, making a hobby of impersonating some of his favorite entertainers as a youngster. It didn’t take him long to decide to pursue his dream in the music business.

In 1995 and 1996 he frequently traveled between Jamaica and New York to hone his deejaying skills he spent most of his time at King Jammy’s studio where he released top singles such as “Shut Yuh Mouth When Bad Man Talking”, Jah It’s All About You”, Mi See It Clear”, Badda Badda”, Lift It Up”, etc, his songs were on regular rotation on the airwaves. In 1997 Fenda decided to relocate to Jamaica to focus on his career, settling at King Jammy’s studio and working hard at establishing himself as a strong force in the dancehall.

In 2000 he joined the Fifth Element Records family where the real revolution began to take place in the DJ’s life. Embracing the Rastafarian way of life, Chuck Fenda adopted the ‘Poor People Defenda’ cause and focused on creating heartfelt lyrics about the plight of the poor, while revealing his Afromantic side. The beautiful lyrics he penned glorifying black woman. He became famous for tunes like the number one “Life Ruff Our Deh”, “I Swear” as well as “Can’t Stop Try”, “Respect Mama”, “ How You Feel” to name a few, all a part of his explosive awe-inspiring album ‘Better Days’ on the Fifth Element label that dropped in 2004.

Chuck Fenda latest hit singles include “Gash Dem”, “Coming Over”, “Freedom of Speech” and “Judgement” to come from his highly anticipated album “The Living Fire”, set to be released in March 2007 by Green Sleeves Records.

Through Living Fire Records, the Poor People Defenda is planning to make a powerful impact on the world stage. Through his songs and performances, Chuck Fenda has cemented himself as one of the few that will play a great role in the revolution of Jamaica ‘s music across the globe.


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