Cocoa Tea

Cocoa Tea was born Calvin George Scott in Kingston Jamaica on September 3,1959, he began his career as a teenager from the exposure gained by singing in church and school choirs, recording his first song, “Searching In The Hills” in 1974. With no success, he worked the next five years as a race horse jockey (he now owns a number of horses) and as a fisherman. He got back into music by working with various sound systems where many get their chops, and Cocoa Tea (named for his love of the hot beverage) began to gain notice for his work in the dancehalls. A move to the big city of Kingston in 1983 was next, and he met up with top producer Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes recording his first hit songs “Rocking Dolly” and “I Lost My Sonia.” He also released his first album, “Wha Them A Go Do, Can’t Stop Cocoa Tea” on Lawes’ Volcano label in 1985.

Over the next three years he recorded four albums all filled with solid production and songs by this lyrically conscious singer with producers Lloyd ‘King Jammys’ James (The Marshall and Come Again), the Firehouse label (Cocoa Tea), and Witty’s label (a clash album with Tenor Saw). He hit huge in 1989 with “Who She Love” for King Jammys when teamed up with the current top dancehall DJ/rapper of the time, Shabba Ranks, and singer Home T (Mikey Bennett of the Home T Four). The trio then also worked for ‘Gussie’ Clarke’s Music works label and recorded “Pirates Anthem” that was huge worldwide reggae hit also that year.

Cocoa Tea’s career moved forward in the 90’s recording more hits with songs like “Riker’s Island” and “No Blood For Oil”, and “Oil Ting” which was banned in Jamaica for it’s biting social commentary during the Gulf War. He recorded another album for King Jammys in 1992 called “I Am The Toughest” in which the highlights of this and his other two Jammys album’s tracks are included on this CD. Cocoa Tea has continued to record hits for various producers in the 90’s including “Holy Mount Zion” for Digital-B in 1995, “I’m Not A King” for Exterminator, and a remake of Bob Marley’s (one of his biggest inspirations) “Waiting In Vain” with DJ Cutty Ranks in 1997 to name a few.

In 1998, Cocoa Tea started his label called Roaring Lion, releasing a number of singles by him and various artists, and his first album release, “Holy Mount Zion” on a major label (Motown /Tamla) of his late 90’s hits. This singer, over his career, has established himself a one’s reggae’s most loved artists for his smooth melodic approach, and his “take no prisoners” style of conscious lyric as well as sugary love songs. “Sweet Sweet Cocoa Tea” is indeed a well earned name.


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