The Oxford dictionary defines a conqueror as “a person who conquers a place or people”. This definition aptly describes “Conkarah”, one of Jamaica’s newest artistes to hit the music scene.

Twenty-six years ago Conkarah aka Nicholas Murray was born in Kingston, Jamaica to his English mother and Jamaican father. Growing up in a culturally diverse home gave this young talented artiste/song writer/musician a reason to want to explore the world. Having the opportunity to attend school in Jamaica, and USA, this gave him the exposure and hence a greater desire to explore even further and music became his vehicle of choice.

Upon leaving school, Conkarah moved to London where he spent a year working on his music and conquering the local club scene, performing in hip districts such as Camden and Porto Bello, UK. In 2009, Conkarah launched his first music video, for a reggae-dnb (drum and bass) fusion single called “Runaway.” The video, filmed on the streets of London, aired on YouTube to rave reviews.

Holding firm to his belief that as Jamaicans, reggae is encoded in our DNA, Conkarah’s journey has brought him back to his roots – Jamaica. “I had to come home to be close to the heartbeat.” Since returning, Conkarah has teamed up with producer, Niko Browne of Lifeline Music, the son of Danny Browne of Main Street Records. The duo holds in reverence the rich legacy that has been passed on to them as young musicians, and strongly believes it is their responsibility to help keep reggae music alive.

“It’s great working with someone who shares the vision and the passion,” Conkarah said of his producer. “We work closely with Niko’s father who brings a wealth of experience, and this synergy has created great music.”

Conkarah is determined to explore the music industry for years to come and, in the process, ‘conquer’ the hearts of music lovers globally.

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