Daniel Bambaata Marley


Daniel’s life has always been centered in music; from the time he was a toddler, he was accustomed to living out most of his days on a tour bus, continuously spanning the globe with his family, first appearing in front of a live audience at the age of five with Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. The inspiration of Daniel’s musical upbringing harnessed his creative energy, and affirmed his natural passion for the art of making music and performing on stage.

During his formative years, Daniel expounded on his own musical journey, and found that he first resonated with percussion instrumentation, his passion being the drums. As the young Marley ventured into the studio, the aspiring musician began producing his own music, developing his own writing and singing style and taking to the stage under the name Daniel Bambaata aka DB.

Daniel and his cousin Jo Mersa Marley combined their varied musical perspectives on a single entitled “My Girl”. This along with his first solo effort “Live It Inna Fear”, a Damian Marley produced track released under the Marley owned Ghetto Youths International label, introduces Daniel Bambaata’s fresh approach to his organically grown sound. In 2011, he contributed his musical stylings to his father Ziggy Marley’s, “Wild and Free” album, on a song titled “Changes”.

Singer, songwriter, producer and musician, Daniel Bambaata has forged his own identity and proven himself on his own as the complete artist, expounding on themes from love to personal freedom. Inherently influenced by his famous Marley lineage, Daniel Bambaata’s many musical styles range across all genres.
Daniel notes, “through making good music, with a good message and good vibes, without any expectations or set blue prints, I choose to dedicate this life to it’s creation.”


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