It is the promise of every artiste that “. I am going to make it” however it is the lot of only a few to see the fulfillment of this dream. If present trends are indicative of what the future holds then Denrick Pinnock’s confident musical assertion “I am going to make it” will indeed place him among the ranks of that chosen few who have managed to see their vision of musical stardom become reality. Denno -as he is more popularly known- was born in Clarendon to a father( the operator of the Killer vicious sound system) who gave him an early introduction to the intricacies of the music business.

Denno (born Denrick Alando Pinnock was born in Halse Hall Clarendon on April 28 1988) was already taking the measure of his career options by the time he was eight dazzling’ his audience with his confident delivery of” Good Education and Good Nutrition” which not only brought into focus his fascination with wholesome issues but provided an early display of his sound writing skills It would be reasonable to state that from those early beginnings it could easily discerned that music was in his blood. Denno attended Bridgeport High . There he participated very little in musical related actvities..Yet this did not mean he had abandoned his musical mission. After graduating from Bridgeport Denno sought vocational training at HEART where he earned a certificate in welding. Denno had his first recording in the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. His ” Prayer for the Haitians” ( a collaboration with the artiste Oja) was released on the Earth Production label with arrangements by the legendary Dean Fraser.

He later joined the Jyorken Kennedy led Masterone label after an introduction from Carlington ” Bouka” Carter and immediately embarked on a frenzied production schedule which has produced such singles as ” Dem Nuh Real”; ” Mi Feel it” and the optimistic ” Make it which. Already appears to be prophetic as Denno now seems firmly on the road to musical recognition. The singles have been heavily rotated and have enjoyed prominent positions on some charts including CVM. Hit List. Denno is committed to keeping it clean and positive while remaining fresh and entertaining. This is no easy task but it would not be unreasonable to assume based on current developments that Denno has found the formula to make it.

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