He’s known for his raw unique  powerful rough voice & lyrical straight forward delivery. He Sings in english and his Native african languages .  Born Deshderious Chiposo Chisukulu and bred in Africa (Zambia). He infuses Afro-pop, HipHop ,folk & modern reggae – he has a brilliant sense of reality in his Song writing skill. He utilizes simplewords ,simple melodies so well that leaves the listener to keep thinking even long after the music has stopped playing. .He is currently based in Holland.

dESH first came on the Zambian (Africa) music scene in 1994 as a gospel-rapstar . Did the first album with a group he formed in 1995-6.The group got known as the Rap Prophets; They sang songs about politics, love, religion and other realities of life. They fused reggae,R&B and hiphop with tradition music.

Rap Prophets became the first known rapgroups from the copperbelt Zambia (Africa),dESH “Terror” went to study in south africa for two years ,later he came back to Z and joined a crew named the EHD-crew, the Ever High Dreads.Later change d their name to Zambezi-symphony. With this group In the year 2002-2003 they had about 150 shows across the Country , establishing a Zambian record. And they had hits the chartwith ‘Ayitaya’ which took the number 1 position for 26 weeks. He has two solo albumsreleased Lesa Somone 2005 and Nayanomba 2003 and link up coming Summer 2011.

dESH has performed, in various big festivals in Europe like state X newforms festival,Todays Arts festival, RevARTour festival, Irie vibes festival and various Music events in South Africa Zambia and belgium, he is constantly performing with DAGGA-DAGGA Crew across Holland. He holds a Degree in ArtScience (Image and Sound) from Royal Arts Academy and the Royal consevertory in The hague .Currently working on his third Reggae, hiphop and Afro fusionsolo album LINK UP! To be released in soon 2011.

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  1. my bro u are cool. we like you so much. go go zambian boy

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  2. Thanx da is the way to go! blessed luv.

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