Diana Rutherford

Diana grew up in the community of August town in Kingston. The “sound system music” nursed her childhood. Because the ghetto (full of cliche that people know about) is first of all a place for music ! Often, her father Michael Rutherford (the singer) owner of the sound system “Genuine”, wake her up to make her sing on stage.That how she was spotted by the X-terminator crew.

So she get involve in the new reggae generation, around Fattis Burell, Dean Fraser, Luciano and of course Sizzla. At eleven years old, her parents don’t want her follow the label and his artists on tour. They prefer a decent schooling and stable life basis for Diana. Few years later, she enter the first batch of “Rising star” (national program, and also a huge cultural event). In between hundreds of talented youths coming from the whole island, she end up third to the big disappointment of thousand fans and Nadine Sutherland (member of the jury). Afterwards she worked one year at Geejam studio (Portland) next to Jon Baker and Alberto Dascola (Alborosie).
Then we can see her record numerous singles (7inch) for Tiger records, the label of the french producer Sherkhan. Diana is one of the uprising genuine voice of Jamaica.




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