Ding Dong

Everyone who loves Reggae culture and Dancehall music should know Ding Dong. He has taken over the dancehall scene by Storm whether it is Music or just plain Dancing.

Ding dong is the new number one dancer in Jamaica after the late great legendary Mr Wacky (Bogle). To Ding Dong this is a major accomplishment because of his passion for dancing.The 26 year old Nannyville, St Andrew native born, Kemar Ottey is indeed a Phenomenal Dancer. He released his first record “Bad Man Forward Bad Man Pull Up” which was a Chart Topper in the late 2005 and early 2006.

He was also known as ‘Mr. Bad Man Forward’ because of the dance he did associated with the title of the record. Ding Dong is the host of: ‘it’s all about dancing’ a Jamaican Danceumentary directed by Jay Will.

Ding dong with those from Nannyville, dances with Marlon Hardy a.k.k Overmars and Jonny Bravo, just to name a few from his dance group ‘Ravers Clavers’. Ding dong is largely responsible for giving Dancehall a new flair with his creative dance moves, pleasant personality and trendy style, while giving Dancehall back it’s meaning. Even though Ding Dong is still generating tracks for his upcoming Album some pre-released tracks such as the “Killa Swing” whose unforgettable lyrics and melodies is dominating the club and Dance Arena today.

For those who often wonder where the name Ding Dong came from it was given to him by his father. Young, dedicated and ready, this part of his life is only the beggining there is still more to come. Loving to entertain and most importantly giving the people what they want.

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