Jermaine Shaw, born on April 08 1983, is a young, vibrant entertainer also known as Einstein who was born on April 08, 1983. The 21 year old recognized his love for music from a very tender age. He grew up in an area called ‘Spoilers’ in Downtown, Kingston.

Jermaine realized his obsession for music at about age 7. At that age he would go about seeking studios to record songs, until age 15, when he discovered Arrows Studio where “all the big artistes” were located. He always wanted to contribute positively to the society as an entertainer. He describes himself as a “straight up person, a clean youth and a person who is always focus on his career”. He also wants to produce music.

His inspiration came from various music and artist, alike. Artistes such as: Bounty Killa, Assassin, Vybz Kartel and Papa San. This mixture resulted him developing a blend of Dancehall, Rock and Techno. Jermaine spends most of his time at the studio either listening to new beats or trying different rhymes on new beats or doing dubs for different producers and dj’s. He has worked with numerous producers but prefers Scatta, because Scatta he claims, “has helped to elevate his career”. He is currently working with Kings of Kings Production and Gang Bang Entertainment. This young man is a songwriter who performs at a lot of small shows. His hit single ‘Na Run’ done in collaboration with Problem Child, has received much airplay. He has not released any CDs yet but is planning to release one later this year.

For the future he plans to release his CD, do some major tours to help promote his album and spread Dancehall music across the world. His wish for Dancehall music is to see it on a pedestal like Pop Music and Rock-N-Roll. When asked if he sees himself as a role model, he said “yes, most definitely. I was born a star. A jus’ di flava, di style, a’ how wi walk an’ talk, mek children wan fi be like wi. Girls from all over lionize mi”.


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