ISAT “EYSAT” BUCHANAN Singer/Songwriter/Musician Isat “Eysat” Buchanan is on a musical mission to carve a niche for himself in the fiercely globally competitive entertainment industry. One could say music runs through his veins as Eysat seeks to build on the success of his Dad, reggae’s living legend Big Youth and brother Tafari.

Eysat is a talented vocalist, writer and musician who plays the guitar, the piano and bass and with his debut single “Dance the Night Away” in collaboration with his brother Tafari appears set to push the boundaries of his craft. Utilizing the music as a means of empowerment, this confident Sagittarian is ready to take on the daily challenges, despite the pressure to follow in the footsteps of his Dad. “Music and writing are my passion. I draw inspiration from personal experiences, whether it is relationships, daily encounters, or various struggles/challenges. Through the lyrics, one can learn about a situation and feel a sense of connectivity to the reality of it,” says Eysat. A perfectionist and a realist, this enormously talented artist is without doubt on the road to success.

His appetite for improvement as an all-round performer is unparalleled and there appears to be no stopping him. Eysat believes that success is time plus chance created and has equipped himself with the tools as his time is at hand. He is passionate, daring and innovative and looks to make inroads on the Jamaican music scene which he believes is the root of authenticity as he expands to the globstage. In fact, this quiet and insightful artist believes the music industry is in need of urgent attention, and is challenging his industry colleagues to exercise greater creativity with the musical and lyrical content to ensure the survival of a genre that cannot be duplicated in its purest form. Eysat comes at a time when the industry is under careful scrutiny, and given his positive attitude, remarkable talent and maturity, he seems headed in the right direction. His guiding philosophy: “To become is to first define…”


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