Fudgie Springer

Fudgie Springer aka Di Gyal dem whore or “the Gyalsta” was born Duey O’mar Saxton in Savanna la Mar Jamaica in 1977. He migrated to Pittsburgh Pa which is in the USA in November of 1996. He likes to tell the story that he fell into music by mistake, in more ways than one. Initially Springer who was just Fudgie back then (he recieved the name from a popular dancehall song Fudgie which was done by Goofy) was just a normal reggae lover who was disappointed with how behind his city was when it came to reggae music. Springer remembers buying new music and giving it to local djs and still hearing nothing but oldies at parties. The Fustration led him to form his own soundsystem Vybz Machine Intl. in August of 2004 with friends Unda Teka and Madd Sonic. Vybz Machine went on to change the reggae scene in Pittsburgh and secured dates in most major cities in the USA as well as dates in Germany, Japan and Jamaica.

Fudgie Springer the artist’s career also started “by mistake”. One day Unda Teka brought a riddim he had made to Vybz Machine’s weekly dance. They played the riddim and the girls liked it. Springer jokingly said “Yute mi aggo sing a song pon dah one yah!”Later the following week he found himself at his computer listening to the beat and singing Charly Blacks popular song “Buddy Buddy”. Springer then started singing “Pussy Pussy” and the next thing you know he came up with the hook for his first hit “Pussy Good” The recording of Pussy Good was just a playful project for Springer until he started noticing his songs on multiple Dutty Fridaze DVDs. (Dutty Fridaze is a weekly street dance held in Jamaica). He then recorded “Titty Wine” and had success whenever he introduced the dance to new markets. The next project was the controversial “Your buddy” song which instructed the ladies that oral sex was OK. That song got noticed my FADER MAGAZINE and is still increasing in popularity.

Fudgie Springer AKA Di Gyal Dem Whore has performed in various cities in the USA, He has performed at several shows in Jamaica and had his first UK tour in June of 2k9. He attributes continuous promotion and acquiring and maintaining good contacts as keys to his forward progress in the dancehall industry, The Gyalsta is poised to have an even better 2010 with Japan and Europe tours being put together

“The sky is the limit, I plan to be the first successful dancehall artist from the USA. One who was virtually unknown and didnt get a push from any of the big producers but just put quality out there and promoted it. Mi a di gyal dem whore and mi nah stop chant it. Every Girl needs to hear my voice ” Fudgie Springer May 2k9

Springer credits his present career to Fadda God, Unda Teka di real genius behind the music, Scrappy from Dancehallreggae.com all the selectors and disc jockeys who endorse di tings, and all the ladies who love the whore. Expect a lot more raunchy, sexy, provocative songs for the ladies as well as some more positive , real music. Once the world embraces “Di whore” as he calls himself, they will realize that Fudgie Springer is a versatile entertainer who is here to stay.


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