G Mac

What could it be about fast-rising sing-jay, GMac, why he is highly favoured by music industry types, including the big names of the business? From cultural sing-jay Sizzla to crooners Natty King and Bushman, GMac has been embraced by some of the most influential music practitioners, several of whom are solidly in his corner, rooting for GMac’s ascension to the top. But it is not only music industry types who are impressed with the superstar on the rise, as fans of reggae and dancehall have latched onto the music of the comely sing-jay.

His breakout, critically acclaimed number, Vampires, has been burning up the airwaves and flying off the shelves. GMac’s follow-up, Girl You Got Me Going On, produced on his very own Royalty Records, has also garnered radio staple status. The singles have been keeping the dancehall crowd dancing, becoming a favourite of the most prominent sound systems and selectors.

This newfound success GMac accepts with graciousness. “I just give thanks to all the people who have been supporting the cause,” he submits. ‘I am happy that my works are being appreciated. There is no greater joy than knowing that what I put out there is being appreciated.” With disarming good looks, crisp, distinct vocal attributes and personal characteristics, GMac is knocking down the doors of superstardom while knocking everyone off their feet. His brand of music spans the gamut from cultural, reality message music to party floor themes and affairs-of-the-heart lovers odes. This is not surprising since GMac’s guiding principle is to be a penchant for versatility. He says he refuses to be pigeonholed. “To be labeled or categorized is not my wish. I am about music that can inspire and elevate, but I am also about fun music that will help people release the stresses of life,” he notes. Those who have come in contact with GMac’s music will attest to the fact that the rising sing-jay possesses the uncommon ability to master all of reggae’s sub-genres. From hardcore dancehall to soulful lovers rock, GMac glides comfortably across the scales, ably raping his edgy vocals and imaginative penmanship around every demand. This comfort level might be attributed to GMac’s long flirtations with music, harking back to the sing-jay’s formative years. GMac’s brushes with musical inclinations first became manifest as a thirteen year old when he was enlisted as a member of the six part Gospel singing group, shade, connected to Harbour View’s St. Boniface Church. It was while a member of the gospel group that Gmac took his first taste performing for n audience and it was a baptism that prepared him well.

After leaving Jamaica for New York in 2000, GMac was featured on a concert in Buffalo, alongside Livewyah (Progression Posse), and it was then that his stagemanship became undeniably evident. Three years later, upon to his return o Jamaica, GMac was introduced to famed cultural sing-jay, Sizzla, and a new path was open. GMac, took his first down that path when sizzla invited the young sing-jay into his August Town Studios. The result was the further owning of GMac’s microphone skills. In fact, Sizzla was the first to spontaneously hand GMac a microphone, since then, Sizzla has become a mentor and a tutor. “He has taught me the intricacies of the business. He even showed me how to write and structure a song, and he has given me books to read,” Gmac reviews. One important lesson learnt in his emulation is the necessity for adapting to varying genres and styles. “I respect Sizzla because he is so versatile. Sizzla does cuture, lovers rock, hip-hop, jazz, and even rock music. He is my idol,” GMac confesses. Already, GMac has recorde the single; Life Is Priceless, for Sizzla Kalonji’s Record Label. Other recordings include; Nothing More Nothing Less for guitarist Gibby’s recording label, as we the duet, Any Means Any How with deejay Alozade. GMac is fast becoming a soughtt-after act for concert appearances, making live stage deliveries at various events across the island of Jamaica; an indication that GMac is oiled, ready andprepared to take off to higher heights. Gmac has perform at the biggest 1 night dancehall event call “sting” in 2009 where he perform and rock the crowd and also in 2010 where he perform with sizzla kolangi in a smashing performance with the veteran, he also performed at the biggest reggae festival in the world “reggae sumfest” in 2009 and another high energy performance in 2010 also. G mac has been on tour with grammy winner and reggae icon buju banton on the “too bad tour ” in canada where
they perform.

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