General Trix

His Journey through sounds and lyrics started at the early age of 15, in his homeland Timisora Romania. After years of  live performances alongside soundsystems General Trix learned to Balance his creativity somewhere between conscious reality and limitless visualization, getting inspired by everyone and everything around him.

For General Trix music was always a good opportunity to link up with people from inside the scene and to discover different places and environments.

And so after years of traveling and experiencing the music scene between Valencia-Spain and Timisoara-Romania, General Trix moved to Amsterdam-Holland,where he becomes familiar with the local music scene by getting himself involved in to organizing events as well as working as a host MC for several reggae and dubstep parties.

The year 2011 is the point where the journey takes yet another turn through the collaboration with Swedish producers Rough Lynx and leads to his first official album release titled Greenlight. The album Greenlight (release: september 2011) is the pure result of years of experience in understanding the public and delivering the right message and vibe through the concept of soundsystem.

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