Hitman Wally

Walter Nembhard, the indomitable ‘Hitman Wally’, has electrified audiences in his stellar music career spanning over fifteen years. This lyricist/dj has undoubtedly been one of the little giants in the Jamaican dancehall/reggae industry, who has graced many stages, from the corner dance to Teen Splash and Sting. Dancehall DJ, Lady G, who has also shared an equally decorated music career hails the Hitman as “having the potential to reach far, with performances that many a times, steals the show from the main acts”.

The Hitman has enjoyed an active musical career which spans well over fifteen years. His earlier works include the “Reggae Cha Cha Cha”, which reached #14 on the reggae charts in Michigan; and “Don’t Hurt the Star”, featuring Shaka Pow, as well as the song, “Wanted Man”. Hitman Wally has graced the stages of concerts such as: Reggae Fever, Teen Splash, Follow Di Arrow and Sting.

Hitman Wally is currently working on a new set of songs yet to be released. The set includes songs such as: “Go Away Poverty”, “Mama”, Garbage Truck”, “Inna di Ghetto” and “Survival Game”. These fresh cuts are social commentary ranging from the economic situation, most ghetto people face to the natural negative aspects of human interaction. His song, “Go Away Poverty….ghetto yutes nuh want fi see yuh no more”, while giving poverty a personality, inspires young people from the ghetto to rise out of their situations of economic desperation.

Indeed, Hitman Wally and his music, is enjoyed by young and old, and has garnered much respect from people in the music fraternity. Ron Muschette, from Irie FM in Jamaica, was “impressed from his very first performance” and encouraged him to continue to do what he does best – delight his audience.

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