His passion for music commenced at an early age by listening and mimicking every song i heard on radio

2. by drumming and belting out popular songs while entertaining classmates at school at 2003 i participated in a talent search which i was one of the finalists. and offered a chance to record my singles at nextlevel productions. it was a compilation album. of seven tracks.

3.At 2005 i went to clubs (F2,MONTECARLO,POZZERS,NYAZA)to gauge my skills time to time- i invovled myself in rap battles and cash battle competitions and the outcome was positive my next step were sound systems eg blacksupremacy sounds,lastborn sounds and many more live reggae concerts. eg look to the east concert. an avenue to tap talent.

4.At 2007-2011 me and my crew made few records at varous local productions .namely arkangel productions, illest entertainment,krushal entertainment.G.O.P productions(general onyx productions) and many more.

5.I sing conscious poetic and uplifting vibes which can uplift the masses and appeal to the society.same time have voiced different riddims raising my voice targeting the community.

6.Together with my kingman meekiehumble whom we share the same aim we formed a duet and are working on real music.keep posted jah bless. So far we have an album under our belt named positiveness. Which i believe will be the society voice and plea for betterment ahead. bless.

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