Hyah Slyce

Germaine Bernard first became involved with music at an early age and draws his inspiration from the likes of the legendary Bob Marley and the more contemporary Sizzla Kalonji. Raised by his grandparents in the south western parish of St. Elizabeth he exudes, through his music, the life lessons he learned growing up as a youth in the country.

Upon graduating from high school in 2000, Germaine knew he wanted to pursue a life long career in music and began frequenting local studios to sharpen his musical skills and prowess. During this time he went by several names including Slyce, Slycer, and Hyah Slyce. He decided to take on the name Hyah Slyce full time at the recommendation of acclaimed singer Mikey General who provided some insights and guidance on the music industry.

Hyah Slyce describes himself as humble and thankful for those around him who have helped him to further his aspirations and dreams. Now at the age of 25, Slyce has paid his dues working the streets and voicing at some of the top studios in Kingston, Jamaica. He generated some serious buzz on the airwaves with the release of “Poor Again” (Girlfriend Riddim on the Cash Flow Label) in 2007 and immediately delivered another local fan favorite with “Sex Sales” (Disturbance Riddim on the Loyal Soldiers Label). The release of his new single “All & All” (All & All Riddim produced by Coppershot Production), a cultural love song, is an announcement to the rest of the reggae community he is an important player who is here to stay. The video, directed by Scorpio 21, have received rave reviews and is currently in heavy rotation on both local and international mediums.

“It’s been a joy to hear my music on the radio. This serves as a form of reinforcement and additional motivation for me to continue making good conscious music that everyone can embrace. I remember how great it felt when my song (Poor Again) played on the radio for the first time. I am just thankful that I am doing what I love and in the process trying to make a positive contribution to the music industry and my country”.

“It’s important that I continue to work hard and in the process align myself with others that are making a positive contribution to the music. I want to make the most of this opportunity and live up to my full potential, wherever that may take me. So by staying focused and working hard I hope to fulfill my true potential and spread love and joy to the masses through my music”.

Hyah Slyce is currently self managed and have recently aligned himself with Coppershot Production to collaborate on his prospective album.

Throughout his short career Hyah Slyce lists his performances in Belize and Suriname as important milestones so far and hopes to continue building his fan base by delivering inspirational and powerful music.

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