Inna Di Yard All Stars

Photo by Riina

The Masters of Reggae unplugged were back for an exceptional string of concerts in Europe, summer 2010…..

Led by legendary guitarist Earl Chinna Smith, Inna de Yard brings together some of the greatest reggae heroes to take us down to the heart and source of Jamaican music. A meeting point of traditional Caribbean music, folk, blues and soul music, Inna de Yard reminds us of the richness and originality of this music, of its diversity and timelessness…..

Six years ago, the first volume of the Inna de Yard collection came into being (Earl Chinna Smith & Idrens). Born from Makasound’s will and its meeting with legendary guitarist Earl Chinna Smith, the unplugged recordings “in the yard” showed the audience another angle of Jamaican made reggae. Both the public and the press hailed this initiative, rediscovering “roots” artists through amazing renderings of their 70s hits. The idea appealed first of all to the artists themselves…..

Among them, Cedric Congo Myton, Kiddus I, Junior Murvin, The Viceroys, Linval Thompson or the Mighty Diamonds. The project also allowed the public to discover some young up-and-coming talents such as Derajah or Matthew McAnuff. ….

This novel unplugged experience took life onstage, notably thanks to the Printemps de Bourges, the first place to welcome this creation, followed by a French tour in 2009, that ended with a legendary concert at Cabaret Sauvage, Paris… ….

On the same stage, there will therefore be: Earl Chinna Smith, Kiddus I (mythical figure from the film Rockers), Cedric Congo Myton (the Congos’ falsetto lead), but also the young Derajah (noticed on the first volume) and Matthew McAnuff (whose track “Be Careful” was largely broadcast by Radio Nova). Musicians Kuff McAnuff on drums, Muctar Wurie on the piano and Alphonso Craig (Sizzla’s percussionist) cap it all, with special guest Clinton Fearon (voice and bass), ex-member of the Gladiators! ….

A dream team indeed for all roots reggae lovers, but also for those keen on discovering a genuine and different reggae, at the base of the Jamaican roots music that emerged from the yards.

Earl “Chinna” Smith, Kiddus I, Cedric “Congo” Myton, Matthew McAnuff, Linval Thompson, The Viceroys, Derajah, Junior Murvin, Ras Michael Junior, Jah Youth, The Mighty Diamonds, Prince Alla, Kush McAnuff…

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