Meet Ishawna


This dancehall recording artiste has enough energy to power a small fleet of motor vehicles. It’s a fuel that burns full-throttle, ignited by the heat of her soulful voice and the power and passion of her performance.

Born on September 29 in Kingston, Jamaica, Ishawna has been making music as long as she can remember. She has memories of penning her first song at the age of six and recording her first track at the age of eight. Ishawna went through various incarnations, singing a mix of gospel, rhythm and blues, and dancehall. “I’m a musical chameleon,” Ishawna boldly proclaims. Her early musical aptitude is not surprising when one considers the musical background of her father, Don Angelo – a signer who worked alongside legendary producer King Jammy in the 80’s.

Ishawna broke out as a name to watch after a performance at the legendary Asylum nightclub in 2006. Dancehall veteran, Bounty Killer, witnessed her set and thought she had potential. He took her under his wings and made her a part of his squad, the Alliance. Two years later she was in the spotlight with her collaboration with Demarco dubbed For You. Two tracks with Elephant Man followed and Ishawna quickly became an underground sensation.

In 2011, the artiste started building on her hardcore street fan base and moving into the mainstream. Around this time, she was noticed by DownSound Records (DSR) and was signed by the label’s CEO, Joe Bogdanovich, in 2012. She’s been putting in heavy work ever since and has worked with some of the industry’s most notable producers including : Baby G, Jam2 , Skatta Burrell and Don Corleon.

Ishawna displays vocal control and range uncommon for most dancehall artistes and her talent has placed her on some of Jamaica’s leading stage shows including Reggae Sumfest, Sting, Full Black and Chug It.
The songstress recently recorded a single with Nicki Minaj’s much talked about ex, Safaree. Her latest singles “Vroom Vroom” , “Oola La la” and “Cheerful Giver” have been receiving airplay on XM Satellite Radio and over 20 radio stations islandwide while her videos, “Cheerful Giver” and “Restraining Order” are being featured on , with “Cheerful Giver” also in the top ten on the Tempo Network Cross Caribbean Countdown.

Her unique combination of raw talent, hardwork and a powerful team guarantees longevity in a rapidly fluctuating entertainment industry.
“ My sights are set on global take-over and I am poised, polished, fierce and ready to take on the world!” she declares.

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