Born in Portland of a community by the name of belvue in 1984 Eric “Iyara” Sommers moved to Kingston to pursue his music career, he decided he wanted to become an entertainer after listening to his influences Bounty Killer and Sizzla to name a few he realized he also had the talent and with his family and friends constantly encouraging him he decided to make his move and pursue his dream.

Voicing for the first time in the studio in the studio of Fuzionz, with the new talented producer Dutty Coolie produced the first single for the artist pleading for peace in the business on the Fully Thugs Label called Musical Warfare.

A video has also been in rotation for the single and has been doing fairly well. Previously performing at the Edna Manley school of Arts, stage shows as well as touring in Cost Rica The exposure paved the way for him to be noticed by Bounty Killer’s nephew Advance,Iyara was officially introduced to Alliances Headliner and was later then officially signed to the entertainment group.

No doubt Iyara’s greatest achievement has been the official signing to the alliance but his greatest motivation has been the death of his musical partner and very good friend blue chips who was killed by the police in 2006 ,it made him realize that life is short and the young talent is wasting no time climbing to higher heights and is determined to reach the top through hard work and dedication.

Iyara’s latest projects include his mixed Cd, called Bad Mi Bad vol. 1, with new singles such as Live The Life We Live, Bumboclaat a Sting and Protect Mi Life

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