This Musically gifted lady, is born Jamie Vriendwijk at the 28th of august  1988. Music is her passion. As she would say “Music Is My Religion”. Back in the days she used to sang RnB / Soul.Now a days she’s developing her skills in the reggae scene.

With a combination of reggae and dancehall music J-mi is determent to fulfill her musical destiny. Together with Marlon Francis and Serenity Hanenberg she is one of the founders of JetFly entertainment, which they founded in 2009. June 2010 she is the new star of the JetFly talent development.

Even though a lot of people encouraged Jamie to develop her musical talent, she did not realized that she has a beautiful voice. As time passed by she started to realize that she can be an artist. Since she was a little girl music is her favorite occupation. She rather watched music channels instead of playing out side with the other kids.

The Kwakoe festival of 2004 is one she could never forget. During this festival she competed in a contest. All contestants where chosen out of the crowd by the host of this contest. Jamie performed in front of thousand people and left the contest as the winner.  August 8th Jamie performed again at the Kwakoe festival only this time she released her E.P. called “Welcome”.

For Info send an email to jmi-music@jetfly-entertainment.com

We don’t make beats and write songs..we make MUSIC and write ‘HIT’STORY !

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  1. #1 support system!!!!
    So proud of you!!!!
    J-mi to di worlddddd

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