Jah Nattoh

Jah Nattoh, born in Barcelona (Spain), an intelligent troubadour of this 21st century. His sharpened lyrics, reach straight the heart of the Beast, wrapped up in sweet melodies, dressed up with the best riddims.
After three selfpublished demos and record songs for compilations, from the first lyrics -influenced by Panama and Jamaica reggae- until today, a long way has been covered in bands like NORTE AFRICA and ARRAIGO, alongside many Spanish soundsystems like ONE BLOOD, around different reggae stages reaching Chile, Mexico, Venezuela and Costa Rica, and being part of line up with BERES HAMMOND and GINJAH, ISRAEL VIBRATION, EL ROOKIE from Panamá, LYRICSON,DAARA J,CHRONICLE, SHINEHEAD, FIDEL NADAL, etc.


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