Jah Turban

Biography Jah Turban

Jah Turban is one of the rising Jamaican roots reggae sing/j artists, he grew up in Spanish town Jamaica. At an early age Jah Turban received his musical calling which made him to relate with the music of his surroundings. Still at a young age he was inspired by many roots reggae artists which lead him at the age of 10 to start singing on sound systems, in his areas of Spanish town.

In the passage of times at age 16 he received Rastafari calling which he embraced, and followed the culture of Nyah Bingi gatherings, drumming, and cultural music.

Trough out that time into this time Jah Turban has performed on many ghetto stage shows in Jamaica. In 2005 he link up with S.J.P Records and performed on various stage shows in Denmark, Budapest Festival, Sweden, Italy, to name a few in addition Jah Turban has worked with producers like Irie Mafia who was a nominee for MTV European Music Awards Local Hero, Spliff Click with Lyrical the myrical, Pharfar, well known Danish producer and Alex Burton, to name a few.

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