There seems to be no shortage of talent that arises from the little island located in the Caribbean called Jamaica. Some would say it is the food that grows naturally from the blessed soil, or the water that comes mysteriously from the rocks; whatever it is, it will continue to be a mystery, a wonder of the world especially when there seems to be no end to its production of exceptional standard and quality that only gets better with time.

Born to the northwest of the island in the parish of Trelawny, 25 year old Reggae/Dancehall artist JAHreign, is nothing short of extraordinary. With a voice that infects the ears like a disease, and one that evokes feelings that are contagious, JAHreign brings love, spirituality, and socio-political views to musical notes that resonate throughout the entire body of his listening audience. Inspired by Reggae legends such as, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Beres Hammond, Sizzla Kalonji, Capleton, and Anthony B. JAHreign through his musical career aspires to become one of Jamaica’s greatest and most influential Reggae artists.

For JAHreign, music is his greatest vision waiting to become a reality, channeling the positive vibrations across the universe. His mission is to wake up this nation to the fact that any work we do has the potential to be meaningful, rewarding and being a spiritual path.

You have seen the beautiful rays of the Jamaican sunshine, now welcome the rain….. JAHreign.

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