Junior Dread

Left the ghettos of the North Side in São Paulo, Carlos Cresio aka Junior Dread, appeared in 1998 in the Brazilian reggae scene, recording with the band Reggae Style the album “Em Meio Ao Caos”, launched in 2000 for Brazilian label Indie Records, with influences of the chorales gospel, since the beginning of its career, assimilated to reggae one taken rhythmic hipnotic with its voice, adding this to Jamaican groove of the rasta chant, your voice is only in Brazilian reggae, counting on influences of Jamaican singers like Hugh Mundell, Jacob Miller, Don Carlos, Barrington Levi, Sizzla, etc…

Together with the Band Reggae Style, JR. Dread played in the main capitals of the country like as Salvador, Fortaleza, Natal, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, etc. etc. Always exploring new routes and trends, JR. Dread currently works with the best musicians in Brazil. The pair this producing a series of singles exclusive for the Europe, the source is the Stepper (a reggae with one bumbo trimmed, remembering one drop of wailers), is the base of the production that added to the English/patois of JR. Dread if becomes a hard groove and rhythm, bringing in the letters all the vibration of Rastafari.

Born and raised in the ghetto of Vila Guilherme, Northern District of São paulo Brazil, Junior Dread learned from small to turn the difficulties in opportunities. From his  father he inherited the gift for music, which soon became his main ally. Inspired by the hypnotic rhythm of Reggae & Dancehall seeking the meaning of that powerful music that echoed inside his soul. He taught himself to speak and write in English, inspired lyrics in their daily life difficult and their faith in a better world.

With 19 years he joins the group Reggae Style formed by neighborhood friends and recorded the album “Em meio ao caos”
A disk of positive messages with a solid and vibrant rhythm, which included a song featuring Negra Li the best hip hop singer from Brazil. The album propelled the band to travel the four corners of the country by opening big shows, playing in major festivals alongside Israel
Vibration, Don Carlos, Eric Donaldson, Pablo Moses, Pioneers, Tiken Jah Fakolli  beyond … presentation of an anthology in which Junior Dread shared the vocals with legendary Dennis Alcapone the International Festival of Maranhao surprising all with the vocal melody and powerful sound of the band Reggae Style.

Always in search of new challenges Dread Junior decides to devote his solo and starts touring the country performing in festivals, clubs and raves in a format originally created in the ’70s Jamaica named SoundSystem in which the singer appears at the side of a DJ (Selectah) that loose bases DUB Mix and the live sound creating an atmosphere psychedelic and engaging. In October 2008 Junior Dread crosses the Atlantic to perform at the Far East in the city of Hamamatsu in Japan 2 shows with maximum capacity for the Brazilian and Japanese public.

In 2009 has a “No time fe Run” Released in Europe by Scotch Bonnet label in partnership with Mungo’s Hi Fi Soundsystem (Scotland) by part of the bestseller list by the main American site of the segment ebreggae representing full force of the original Reggae.
In 2009 Junior Dread are invited by the  Magma Music record label to join the remix of “Another One” a big hit from Chingy a great rapper from St.Louis (USA) produced by DJ Cia (beatlock) that soon becomes a Hit in the underground hip hop scene.
In March 2010 Junior Dread plays in Germany several cities such as Frankfurt, Cologne, Tubingen, and Dusseldorff and Berlin.

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