Kazam Davis

On the 31st of August, 1980 at the Princess Margarette Hospital in St Thomas a musician came into the world. His birth name, Girma Jahleel Davis, was given to him by John Davis (His Father) as well as his stage name “Kazam” which he named after the famous ice cream “Shazam” for children. He grew up in Berrydale, Portland with his mother Faith Mitchell, brother, Arondel and sister, Debra.

Kazam went to Hill Prep in Port Antonio. Living in Berrydale, over the Rio Grande, he enjoyed rafting, cooking on coal stove and making mischief. At the age of seven (7), Kazam and his family moved to Red Hills. He was transferred to Vaz Prep to continue his primary studies. He got involved in football at Mona Prep after leaving Vaz, which he acknowledged as his first passion. At fourteen (14) years, music became a major part of his life. He started writing his feelings in books and on scraps of paper.

He was signed to Ashquad Records, owned and operated by his father John Davis aka Asher Tease. Throughout his teen years, he would sing to friends and family only for amusement purposes. Kazam is the first for his mother and fourth for his father out of nine.His first stage appearance was at the Independence Stage Show in Red Hills. Being a songwriter and a singer wasn’t enough for Kazam so he developed an interest for the acoustic guitar, which was encouraged by Earl “Bagga” Walker.

College (EXCED) to improve his vocals and guitar skills. He later joined a band called “Jah Children” which included Micah “Shemaiah” Abrahams as the lead singer, Joel “Jahwara” Ellis, dub poet and Kazam the lead guitarist. Most of their gigs were at venue “Weekendz” and “Livity” in Kingston Jamaica.

He went to Excelsior Community on January 16, 2002, he recorded his first single “On my own” at Anchor Recording Studio. He worked with musicians like Dalton Browne, Earl “Bagga” Walker, Sangie Gad Davis, Hon Ernest Ranglin and Robbie Lyn. Two months after “Ready fi Dem” with Super Reuben was released in Barbados. In July 2002 “Guns Animated” and “Tribute to Bob Marley” with Alton Ellis were released. Kazam’s inspiration comes from Jah and The Great Bob Marley, as he stated in an interview; “Jah and music itself are my inspirations. No one understood what I was going through while growing up so I wrote to express my feelings and what I believed in.” “My role model is my father because he never gives up and him nuh put up with foolishness!”

Kazam’s objective is to emphasize peace and love with conscious musical lyrics. As said by Kazam “I want to send a positive, detailed message to people all over the world. I wanted to find myself and music was a media to bring out that focus.” “My music wasn’t molded to meet a certain crowd or audience; it was a motivation within me.” Kazam’s major breakthrough was in June 2007 when he released “Shapeshifters”, recorded at Harry J Studio. The video for this single is now complete and Kazam’s aim is to be a role model to young children, to help the less fortunate and to motivate other upcoming artistes to strive for what they believe in. A lot can be expected from this young singer/songwriter/musician, as said by Kazam, “he hopes to give the world a sense of hope in these times as the world turns music will always live as the words and works of the Almighty must prevail”



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  1. Blessed love to the artiste Kazam. Respect for the positiveness and love in the message.

    Loraine / Reply

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