The reigning champion of the Jamaica Festival Song competition, Kharuso (Born Delisser McFairlane), is glowing in the rays of his recent victory and enjoying the extensive publicity that has exposed his winning song “My Jamaica” to new fans and the general public. In addition to being viewed immensely on YouTube, facebook and many other networks; Kharuso has recently toured the Island, performing “My Jamaica” in all 14 parishes and was the featured guest artist at the massive annual Seafood Festival in Ocho Rios – celebrating Jamaica’s Emancipation Day.

“Now that I am more visible” Said Kharuso, “I am going to unleash some natural love songs and social commentary songs to the world – uplifting songs for the minds of the young and old.”

The St. Anns, Mines districk native singer/songwriter/performer Delisser McFarlane aka Kharuso, has stepped up his career path in 2010. When he entered the Festival song competition, and had confirmed support received after heavy broadcast rotation of his prior song “In A Di Garrison”, which was released on the Cut Stone label; Kharuso’s career has continued to blossomed; he has recently signed a recording deal to Magnum Force Entertainment Records and is now working on his debut album. Three songs, “Never Doubt Yourself”, “Hypocrite” and “Can’t Say Goodbye”; have been released to promote the still untitled upcoming album.

Born in the hills of Jamaica, Kharuso has been singing and deejaying in church and at school from the age of six. But it was at the age of sixteen under the influences of the voices of Dennis Brown, Alton Ellis, John Holt, and Bob Marley, that he found his niche. He said, “That is when I discovered that I like the vocal side and I recorded my first song when I was seventeen years old”. The title of the track was “Watching Me” a cover of Michael Jackson’s song of the same name but with new lyrics. It was produced by Genius for the Class One Label; that release gave Kharuso the confidence to start working as the resident singer at the FDR Resort Hotel.

A seasoned performer, Kharuso has been working the hotel circuit of Jamaica’s North coast for years where he has honed his delivery skills. From there he has traveled out touring the Caribbean and Amsterdam. In his homeland he has showcased his act at major events, sharing the same stage with some of the biggest reggae artists such as Sizzla, Capelton, Jimmy and Taurus Riley among others. Kharuso is a culture artist who tries to keep the spirituality in his music. He explains “I write my own songs and the social commentary in my songs is to uplift people because I know righteousness exalt the nation so I never leave out the Almighty”. He continues “I also love to sing Lovers Rock for the ladies. That s why I so love Luciano and Beres Hammond who strongly represent both styles of music” .

Over the years Kharuso has recorded for various producers who did not have the resources to promote and market his songs. Kharuso linked up with longtime friend Donald Godelia, CEO of Magnum Force Ent. Records. “I am contented with the works Magnum Force is doing”, Kharuso said “and I think I’ll be able to take my dreams to another level as I continue aspiring to reach the top”.


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