King Mee

Noel Wallace (King Mee) grew up in Kingston, Jamaica and came to Canada in 1980. As an April youth, King Mee is enthusiastic and confident which he shows both in his works and in his music. Growing up he was inspired mostly by roots and culture music. He states how it has taught him how to stay positive in life. Radio personas and fellow coworkers in the industry have commented on his respectful and positive demeanor. King Mee follows the Rastafarian faith, in which he says JAH has been his biggest mentor, giving him the love and inspiration that he delivers through his music.

Two years ago, King Mee started focusing more on his music. He, Won J, Dan Fiyah Beatz, and Singer Judah made a decision to combine their works and formed a band which is now known as “Fiyah Flamez Unit”. As a band they released their first album “Fiyah Flamez Unit Vol.1” in late August of 2010. They all play a part in the band as well as focusing on their own solo works, showing support for each other in whatever one decides to do.

As a solo artist and band member, King Mee has performed on stage for the Montreal International Reggae Festival, he is a regular artist on Montreal Jamaica days, has opened for artists like Lexus, Singing Melody, Lukie D, Admiral Bailey, Toni Curtis, Trilla U and has done many small stage shows between Quebec City and Montreal. He is set to perform as an opening act for well known artist “I-Octane” in Ottawa on Jamaica Day, the 8th Annual Montreal International Reggae Festival, and small venues in Montreal with his band.

Right now in Montreal the focus has been on the hottest compilation album “Riddim Vibez, Vol.1” featuring the “Give Luv” riddim which features King Mee along side seventeen other Montreal talents. The album was released by House of Reggae Records which has also released other albums such as Fiyah Flamez Unit Vol. 1, and Magnum Opus. Just recently King Mee released his new single “Nuff People” with a world radio premiere on Black Kitty Barbie’s “Reality check” on New York City’s 91.3 Parti Fm. The single has been reaching an overwhelming amount of feedback through several online radio stations, entertainment blogs, social network sites, youtube and Itunes. Due to the positive feedback, he and his team made a decision to continue forward for the fans and are working on releasing a video for higher promotion.

Working with his regular team of producers, King Mee has also had the chance to team up with new Montreal producers and start working with Jamaica’s Bold and Boasy Entertainment, with plans to release a follow up on his “Nuff People” track. King Mee has been working on several new projects working both with Reggae, and Dancehall riddims showing the versatility he has, keeping the positive message and teachings that he always offered in his music.


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