Le Prince

Le prince, Born on may 4th 1986 in the Netherlands and raised in Surinam, now living in the city they call Amsterdam. At the age of 22, Le Prince is locally known as the lead singer of his backing band called, “Liberty Sound”.. and as co-lead singer in a band called: “Eigen risico”, wich means “Own risk”. Eigen Risico was a band formed out of brothers and friends, the music they made was traditional surinam music called: “Kaseko”.

Gino doorson is the son of: “Walter Grot”, The founder of the kaskawina formation: “La Rouge”.. a well-known band in countries such as: Surinam, the Netherlands, France Guana and many more. “Le Prince” is inspired by artists such as: Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Sizzla, 2 pac, Notorious B.I.G, all the way to Whithney Houston.

On November 19th 2008 he opened for the international reggae superstars: Richie Spice & Spanner Banner, in a major venue called: “Melkweg” in Amsterdam. Later that year he won second prize in a talent show called: “Stad’s Spelen”. His ingenious and innocent voice tinged with an ideal tone for: Urban, Pop and Reggae..

“Le Prince” sends out a message of peace, Love, Unity, One aim, One Destiny. Dreaming of peace, Upliftment of the youths for a better wold is the new motto, Finding his inspiration from the world, he evokes origins, african people and rastafarisme. Soon you will see “Le Prince” in every urban event in and out of the country.


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