Lone Ranger

BIG ‘BOUT YA!! “Don’t come try to feed I porridge when I eat porridge every day,” said the great Peter Tosh. Slavery days done. Tek de nonsense elsewhere. BRING NUFF DOLLARS….. RIB IT!! FLASH IT!! ROCK ‘N’ COME IN STAR AND SKANK STEADY NATTY DREAD SKANK STEADY. BIM!!

Without a doubt, charismatic dancehall pioneer DJ LONE RANGER is one of the greatest story tellers in the deejay business. Louise “Miss Lou” Bennett an’ Ronnie “Mas Ron” Williams have to be smiling. Oliver Samuels and that entire Claffy krew must had a chuckle or two. Even Babatunde must marvel. From “Love Bump” to “Learn To Drive” and every chune before and after, lyrical contents range from reality to the amusing. Songs are structured with a beginning, middle and ending sticking to one subject matter. Lyrics often paint imaginative images that flicker in your mind as you listen. Every song could very well be a short movie.

The legendary ram dance master DJ LONE RANGER aka Anthony Waldron was born in the labour ward down at Jubilee Hospital, Kingston – Jamaica. Year unknown. And to make it evidently clear, DJ Lone Ranger is not to be confused with TV Lone Ranger with the exception of one underlined detail — they both had a six-shooter. TV Lone Ranger was a good lawman. DJ Lone Ranger is a good outlaw. TV Lone Ranger had a partner named Tonto. Well… uhh… DJ Lone Ranger’s associates: Colonel Tonto, Tonto Irie, Billy Boyo and Wild Apache. But his main runnin’ partner was O.G. bad bwoy Mikey Slue who hung with two bad gyals named Flora-lee and Junie. Just Junie folks. TV Lone Ranger’s range was a Hollywood back-lot. DJ Lone Ranger’s range is currently Kingston, Jamaica, EU and parts unknown. In the early ’80’s to late ’90’s Long Island, DC, Cleveland, Boston, Hartford, Plilly, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn (not necessarily in that order) was DJ Lone Ranger’s range. TV Lone Ranger’s mode of transportation was a horse named Silver.

DJ Lone Ranger’s mode of transportation was a blue Subaru equipped with siren and lights to penetrate Brooklyn traffic. TV Lone Ranger’s ketch-phrase was “Hi-O Silver”. DJ Lone Ranger’s ketch-phrase is “Rib It… Flash It… Bim”. TV Lone Ranger doesn’t know what a Sound System is. DJ Lone Ranger’s toy is a Sound System. He can rock a mic all night, select as well as operating the Sound at the controls haul ‘n’ pullin’ the highs and lows in rhythmic style and fashion ’till the roster crows or sky juice sell off. Stay tuned for more adventures of DJ Lone Ranger. He can pop up anywhere — Germany, UK, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden Last seen in Tucumcari, New Mexico, ‘longside Chester. Or was it Los Mochis, Mexico with Billy Boyo and two senoritas… Who knows where Lone Ranger might pop up. Comment any sightings. Europe and Israel dates March, 2008. Brazil at some point too when promoters are ready [NICEUP’s Blurb about DJ Lone Ranger]. I have to admit to a certain prejudice here, because I think that Lone Ranger is the most entertaining DJ who ever lived. Not only that, but Ranger is one of a very tiny group of DJs who made albums that were as good as his singles and/or stage presence.

He may not have been as innovative as, say, U Roy or Big Youth, but his presentation was electrifying, his lyrics carefully crafted or stolen to match the music just perfectly and he had the good sense to work with producers who recorded him over state of the art riddims. “M-16” only has nine songs but every one is a dynamite Channel One/Niney riddim with Ranger’s endlessly inventive lyrics riding the top. The title track is a stone classic, but so are “Fist to Fist,” “Burial,” “Skank Steady” and most of the other tracks as well…..RIB IT… FLASH IT…


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