Lyricson is born in Guinea in 1979 . He shortly after emigrates to Liberia .Due to the civil war ,his father takes his son on to the U.S . At the age of 15, he feels tired of the numerous disputes and moves to a rasta friend. It is during that period that he discovers Rastafari and starts to sing regularly.

He spends his days between playgrounds and rehearsal rooms. Then he leaves for West Indies where he does his first recordings with the crew Red Zone. After arriving in Paris ,he works with his cousin Pyroman who is part of the crew surrounding the french hip hop group “Assassin”.He records some tracks and plays several shows with the crew before meeting Manu Chao .It’s Manu Chao who recruits him as an opening act and backing singer for his world tour .This meeting is very important for Lyricsons career as he gets the chance to begin to tour the whole planet and perform in front of stadiums filled with people. Whether on his own or accompanied by the crew Black Unite, he blazes the fire everywhere from South America to Africa .

Furthermore you cannot count the numbers of International Mixtapes he can be heard on ,and you can also find him on French and Jamaican productions for his first album “Born 2 go high ” and then for his second one “Keep the Faith”. With releasing his third album in 2010 “MESSAGES” with his own Label (PJK Ent.)he shows that he is one of our best Reggae Music Messenger.


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