Maikal X

A distinct, unique voice and humble character describes the artist Maikal X. These same features made him part of the best selling hip-hop/reggae group ever in The Netherlands “Postmen”.

With the release of ‘Genesis’, his debut album, Maikal X delivers a top quality product of international standards featuring reggae icon’s such as Peetah Morgan (lead singer from the group Morgan Heritage), Luciano, Dean Fraser, and Hawaiian reggae diva Irie Love. The official release of ‘Genesis’ will be on June the 25th of 2010.
After the summer of 2010 Maikal X will be touring with his Evolution Band.

Maikal X was born Michael Parkinson, hence Maikal and the X reflects all that he’s known for. Even though Maikal X lived all his life in The Netherlands, having a Curacaolenian mother and Guyanese father made it impossible for him to loose the Caribbean feel for music. Maikal X started out as a break-dancer at the age of 6 and later discovered his singing abilities.

From 1998 Maikal X then known as Rolla Rocka / Shyrock enjoyed critical and commercial success with the group “Postmen”. With “Postmen”, Maikal X had a string of hit singles such as “Cocktail” and “You Wait” taken from their hit debut album “Documents”. After winning several awards (Silver Harp, Heineken Crossover award) and bringing out 3 albums, Maikal X left the group in 2004.

Maikal X is also known as the mc of Europe’s biggest dancehall and reggae party called “Jamrock”. Maikal X also hosts the Jamrock radio show and the parties.

In 2008 Maikal X signed with the independent label Rock ’N Vibes, who is responsible for the success of Ziggi, one of the top reggae artist out of Europe. Maikal X dove into the studio with producer Mr. Rude, to record new solo material to pursue his solo career. Freshly signed to Rock N Vibes, Maikal X ceased the opportunity to go on tour in 2008 and 2009 as opening act during the “European In Transit Tour” of his label mate Ziggi.
Quote Mr Rude: “I can spot a big artist when I see or hear one”.

Maikal X’s first single release “The Best In You” broke international barriers, ending up on the world’s biggest reggae compilation “Strictly the Best” vol.40 (VP Records).”The Best in You” also initiated the collaboration between Maikal X and Jamaican platinum producer Don Corleon. The result was the hit tune called “Bear With Me”.
Quote Don Corleon: “Maikal X can do great things in the reggae world”

‘Genesis’ is a must have album where you can enjoy Maikal X’s mesmerizing voice and melodic flow. Some of his music is considered classic from birth. The new single is called ‘ Here She Comes’. Look out for the newest veteran in the music game!
Quote Maikal X: “I don’t believe in co incidents!”




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