Mamadee, born in the far east of Germany , behind the wall. Born of African and German parents, moving to cologne at the age of 19 to pursue her artistic career. Quickly finding herself in a circle of likeminded music makers. In the early days her involvement with Sisters and Brothers Keepers and Turtle Bay Country Club let her to work with great producers such as Matthias Arfmann, whom gave her a chance to tour and gain exposure and experience.

In 2002 Mamadee and Tamika became the feature background vocalist for Germanys international sensation Gentleman. Since then, Mamadee has toured internationally keeping her eyes on the prize, remaining focus by keeping her goals in reach. Immediately, Bushhouse Records released her music, which led to the birth of EPs, such as “ Lass los ” and “ Good Days ” with Tamika.

Currently Mamadee is releasing singles and is working on a new album. It all began in an October Night 2009. Mamadee was performing an accoustic Set at a venue in Cologne, Germany. It just so happens the Producer Born Free was there on that night. Immediately Born Free was blown away by her voice and Songs and approached her with the hope of working with her and the story began. Born Free introduces Mamadee first of all in his Video “ Good Time Fool “, and they have been working closely together arranging and collecting songs written by Mamadee to feature on her Album.

Now it’s one year later and they are near finishing mamadees first Solo – Album. They are preparing the first two Singles: “ Who I am “ and “ Africa is callin “ a Song feat. the great Legend Bob Marleys Son – Ky mani Marley. Mamadee has just completed a videoshoot for her first Single Who I am, is currently on a Wintertour in Europe with Gentleman and the Evolution and is set to tour in America in February 2011 with Gentleman.

DJs around the world have been reacting strongly towards Mamadees Music and her Fanbase stretches the globe. What is really refreshing, is that her Debut Album features legends such as Earl Chinna Smith, Robby Lynn and Robbie Shakspeare..just to name a few.
It is clear that her collobaration and her Solo songs stand strong on their own. Mamadee is not a fabricated Artist, it is pure Talent. Her Music will be available worldwide on i- tunes, Amazon and all the good download plattforms via Born Free Records/ INgrooves/ Sony.

Highly respected in Germany and considered, as one of Germanys daughters of music with her own sweet sound and passion and we are sure your ears will take pleasure in listening.


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