Born Leonard Bartley in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, Merciless’ career began in the early 90’s with his first song “Len Out Mi Mercy” followed by his billboard topping album titled Mr.Merciless, Numerous hit singles then followed such as Mama Cooking, Gal Gizada, Ole Gallis, Mama Cooking, God Alone and Mavis which garnered international sucess.

Merciless has recorded Claborations with Hip Hop artist/Producer Lil’ John, Rapper C-Murder, R&B crooner Aaron Hall, Soca Artist Tall Pree and with Reggae artist such as Rita Marley, Lady Saw,George Nooks,Cecile,Yami Bolo,Beenie Man, Elephant Man and his Arch Nemisis Bounty Killa. To maintain his ever growing fanbase and as reggae continue to evolve and include the fusion of jazz, reggaeton and other musical aspects, so does he. Merciless is at the peak of his career and enjoys being on stage and interacting with his fans. One of the highlights of his career took place at Sting 2000 where he challenged Ninja Man, Beenie Man and Bounty Killa to a lyrical battle and simultaneously defeated the trio.

Merciless contributes his musical influences to Shabba Ranks,Junior Demus,Dennis Brown,Super Cat and Bob Marley. Even as he continues to unrelentlessly top the charts today,with his lyrical ingenuity and the name Merciless bestowed upon him, two of many things that drives fear into his peers, He considers himself very Humble, Jovial and God fearing. Merciless is a dominant force in reggae music and would like to thank God, His Family, Friends and his Fans for his success and considers them his number one priority.

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