Born Sanique Robinson in the food basket parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. She may not at first sight represent much of that food based on her petite stature.

Moeish is a small musical tsunami that at once amazes you with the strong and piercing sweetness of her voice, she seemingly blessed with a wealth of vibrations that belie her age in the manner that she explores life issues. She reminds of that fresh unbridled earthy brashness of a young Millie Small but says that her two main inspirations have been Michael Jackson and Bob Marley.


Like most of the great singers, her foundation set in the church where at seven years old people break out into spiritual pandemonium whenever she sang and it was much the same spontaneity in response to her performance at her school concerts. All this was just fun for Moeish until she benefited immensely from her experience in entering the famous Tastee Talent Search contest at the age of nineteen years old and coming face to face with the demands of making it professionally in music industry.

The following year she was much more prepared for her entry into the popular Television Jamaica (TVJ) Rising Stars talent contest but after moving past the initial stage, she had to be unavoidably absent through illness from a follow up elimination show.

Started out mostly doing cover versions Moeish become more clearly defined musically doing a lot more writing of her own and taking her career more seriously.

On leaving the Stony Hill Heart Academy, though successful acquiring a job.

Moeish find creative ways and means to appropriate her time, to be anywhere an event or things to do with music is taking place, so that she doesn’t miss out an opportunity that will take her to her lifetime aspiration of becoming a world renowned female artiste.

Moeish continue to make her way among Top flight artiste and major player in the business.As a result she successfully make her way on doing a performance and interview at Cvm Tv Cvm At Sunrise “Fresh Meet” she also does major stage shows, such as “St. Mary Mi Come From”, “Portmore Gaza Award”, The Tribute Concert 2009 Saluting Joseph, Culture Hill, “Priory Reunion”, call on by Munga Honourable to close the show, and “Tivoli Talent Search” just to name a few.

She’s now doing recordings with Karim “Dj Karim” Thompson owner of Stainless Records Inc, K20 Records and more. Moeish is an artiste with a special theme, a sign to develop her career with flagship singles, such as a haunting provocative song delivery call “Dem Gal Deh,” “Make It Together” Feat. Turbulence,”Them System” and several more to hit the airwaves. Having also become a bright prospect on the influential Jamaica Association of Vintage Artistes and affiliates (JAVAA), Moeish is now surrounded by the expertise and professional infrastructure to empower her career.

She’s now hot on the heels of “Them System” which is poise for greatness.

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