Mr. G.


Born Chad Simpson in the Jones Town community, the man renowned as dancehall hitmaker Mr G (aka Goofy) has repeatedly stamped his class on the Jamaican and international entertainment scenes, creating lines and riddims that are always memorable, always welcome, always just that bit ahaead of the pack . Growing up as a child music was always his first love. it continued in his formative years attending George Headley Primary and Melrose All-Age and even onto St. Catherine High School, where he was an active participant in music.

After leaving school, he vendured to various studious such as Jammys, Scorpio, Mainstreet, Studio 2000 where he started   to develop his DJ skills. That persistence would pay off when, while voicing he was discovered by MainStreet’s Danny Brownie and he got his break in 1996 with the now classic hit, “Here Comes Fudgie” which put his signature tongue-in-cheek style on display for a national and eventually international audience. The partnership with Browne led to a string of hits, on his own as well as with his celebrated cohorts in what was then the Main Street Crew. Hits such as “Big Man, Little Youth” ft Red Rat, “Brush Your Teeth from Morning, “Wining Machine” ft Sanchez, and “I Don’t Give a Damn” and “Normal” with Red Rat.

His earlier repertoire also includes such winners as “Dog Bark” , ‘Buff Bay”, “Step Father”, “Pocket money, “Old Crook”, “Baby Duppy”, “Nah Stoop Low”, and “Nah Tek nuh Check” Never one to be selfish, Mr G assisted, at various times, with the careers of TOK, Vegas, Chico, Mad Anju and Idonia in the early stages. He has also consistently broadened his reach in the business through producing. Through his label Young Blood records he has produced numerous hits for various artists such as Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Richie Spice, Chuch Fender, Warrior King and he produced Jah Cure’s two hits, ‘Same Way” and “Love You”‘ while  ‘the Cure’ was incarcerated. He also notably produced RDX’s massive hit ‘Ben Ova’ and Beenie Man’s ‘Eva Clean’.

His latest success is in Hawaii, where the single Before The Year Done has topped  the Hawaiian charts. The remote US state has proven over the years to be a welcoming haven for Jamaican artistes. Several top reggae acts have done successful tours there and it was in the “big Island” of Hawaii that a local radio DJ began spinning a then little-known tune called “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy & Rik Rok, helping to turn it into a worldwide smash. “We give thanks for the success of the song so far, and of course, we’d like to see it go even further,” he remarks. “Is a lot of work we put  into it and into the business overall, and it nice to see things paying off.” “before”  is but one of a slew of hits the humourous – even cheeky – DJ ahs carved out for himself of late. Others include “Wine pon it” “Work mi a Work” . Of course, the new single  is also garnering heavy rotation on local radio and TV airwaves, including the popular Fi Wi Choice chart show.

Mr G is now going all out, both in terms of recording and his visibility on the local and  international stage. to once again bring back fun and enjoyment to dancehall fans and even sees his reach as now extending way beyond  the dancehall market. “Right now, as an artiste, I am not limited by anything. “We learn what we have to learn over the years, and we just setting out now to conquer, to keeping pushing what I know is a great product,” he said. The reign of Mr G is just beginning, and before the year done, the airwaves worldwide will be ringing with his snappy, impish sound.


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