Ms. Choc'late Allen

Inspired after reading the biography of Mahatma Ghandi, 14 year old CEO of the regional organization Caribbean Vizion Ms. Choc’late Allen, hit the spotlight in her native island of Trinidad & Tobago when at the age of 13 she fasted at the National Library in the nation’s capital Port of Spain from Monday 8th to Friday 12th January 2007. Choc’late presented a 6am – 6pm, 5 day reading fast for peace and purity as part of her ‘Taking Personal Responsibility’ – 100% Crime Free initiative. The objective of the fast was to raise awareness of peace and its impact on the youths while encouraging nationals to take personal responsibility for their thoughts and actions in order to remain 100% Crime Free.

Who is Choc’late?
Born to Trinidad and Tobagonian parents, Choc’late at age 11, was elected C.E.O of the regional organization Caribbean Vizion after a tragic accident in which she was involved, claimed the life of the then St. Lucian C.E.O. Ms. Jany Williams. Since becoming a member of Caribbean Vizion at the tender age of 9, Choc’late has been encouraging the Caribbean’s youths to take personal responsibility for their actions. She has identified the great influence of music and has decided to also use this medium as an avenue to expose and spread her message of peace to the world. Having been raised in several CARICOM countries, Choc’late views the Caribbean as unique and aims to unify the youths of the region to create a positive vision for their future.

Why this mission?
I often witness and hear individuals negatively criticizing the society and particularly young persons for most of the ills that confronts us. I believe in looking for the positive in every thing, person and situation, rather than looking down on someone unless you are going to pick him or her up. One of my forms of picking up someone is by promoting positive values such as self confidence and the power of taking personal responsibility for our individual thoughts and actions. I believe that the alternative to identifying problems then attempting to find solutions for the problems is to instead create a vision of what we want to manifest in our society, a vision that is based on our core positive values. Therefore, my reason for this initiative is to make aware to all that whatever change needs to be made in this world, in this society, totally depends on us. We must be the role models of what we desire and only then will others see our goal and feel our passion. I am not claiming that my suggested method is THE way but I am humbly stating that it is A way worth exploring.

Musical Mission:
Choc’late, with the support of the Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company (T&T ENT), is now in Jamaica where she is carving and establishing her musical career. Thus far she has performed at four of the more recognized stage shows in the country namely, the 15th annual Tru-Juice Rebel Salute, Africa Unite/Smile Jamaica, Western Consciousness and Reggae Sumfest Concerts.

Choc’late released her first single (Wave Your Kerchief ) at the tender age of 5. This single was produced by Darrell Braxton for Executive Producer Ulric Hewit of H&H Enterprise at the Roy Cape Studio.Her second recording (I LOVE YOU) was produced by Colin”Bulby” Yorke and promotionally released in April 2008 and in August 2008 she completed her thrid promotional single with Reggea Royalty, Queen Ifrica. The song – titled “Friends” was produced by Flames Production for Executive Prodducer Choc’late Educulture Factory Ltd and can be heard on her myspace page . Anyone who gets a taste of Choc’late’s music will thereafter develop a craving.


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