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The first mention of the name Napthali is made in ancient Hebrew and biblical texts. In the book of Genesis Napthali is declared as the sixth son of Jacob and founder of the great tribe of Napthali. According to the ancient text his biological mother was Bilhah, but is regarded as the son of Rachel. Rachel overjoyed at the birth of her son says”I will have a great struggle, and I have won” Genesis 30 verse 8. She then names him Napthali, which means my struggle. As quoted from Genesis 49 verse 21, “Napthali is giveth goodly words”. As such the name Napthali signifies an ancient ancestory and it is the devine legacy which reggae singer Naptali has inherited to continue.

In this modern era, we see the rebirth of this great son of Jacob in singer Naptali. The man hailing from Delacree Park, Kingston 13 was born and raised in Spaulding Clarendon in the month of January. From an early age he was destined to explore his musical talents. With greatness preordained and a keen sense of purpose he chose to spread his message of righteousness through music, in the hopes that his words would one day touch the hearts, minds and souls of all mankind and force us to look within and re-evaluate our purpose in existence. His passion for music first emerged when he was very young and in 1995, then 19 years old, he decided to nourish this passion by becoming a singer. Then going by the name Redneck he began crafting melodic harmonies fused with a powerful message. In 2000 this man from Clarendon made the trip to the Mecca of Jamaican music, Kingston, a place he would call home. It was here that he became accquianted with the legendary Jah Messanger Luciano in 2003. After beholding the young singer’s gift and infinite potential Luciano provided the youngster with guidance and encouragement, which helped him nurture his talent. It was luciano who upon realizing that this young prodigy was born in the month of January and was thus a Capricornian, bestowed upon him the moniker Naptali marking an important step in his musical journey.

Over the next few years he would encounter many on his journey, but found encouragement and inspiration at Gambling House Recording Studios where he recorded his poignant and insightful lyrics, in songs such as “Hungry for real”, “Clean Heart and Pure Mind” and his resounding call for freedom and liberation “Equal Rights and Justice”. Local film makers and music video gurus, Alique Archer aka “Sluggz” and Jason Lannaman aka “Zed” collectively known as Flim House, captured Naptali’s powerful words in visual form and created a music video for “Equal Rights and Justice”, shot on location in Kingston, Jamaica. Equal Rights and Justice continues to get major rotation on local TV stations and Naptali is beginning to be both seen and heard. .. Armed with a firm belief in righteousness he chose to embrace the livity of Rastafari, in his own words “Rastafari is life, I a Rasta from birth.” His influences both musically and in life range from Sizzla and Jah Cure to Dennis Brown and Bob Marley, and it is obvious the role that Rastafari and the teachings of Hailie Selassie have played in his life. The echo in his view that life can be challenging at times but the challenges don’t make it hard, what is important is how you live. With hundreds of songs in his repertoire, you can expect to hear a lot more from Naptali in years to come. He’s featured on a variety of the music comming out of Gambling House Recording Studios and displays his versitility with music that transcends all genres and musical boundaries.

Keep eyes and ears open for this rising star a true giant among men, Naptali the Great delivering that healing music, sure to ease your mind and sooth your soul. Providing you with that mental and emotional food you deserve.


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